Edit+ 5.0.0

Version 5.0.0 is Edit+ only

The "core" (downloadable) Easy Edit Suite is no longer supported. Edit+ for Squiz Matrix is available to clients with an appropriate service level agreement (such as a Squiz Plus Agreement).

Matrix Requirements

This version of Edit+ for Squiz Matrix requires Squiz Matrix version or later.

New Features

  • Feature #1236: Edit+ asset finder search box to find assets under the current site

    Edit+ now allows you to search for assets underneath the current site (and accessible to Edit+) by string, ID or URL. Filters can be applied to include or exclude certain types of assets.

    This uses the Backend Search feature, so requires the Search Manager to be enabled and properly configured for "search by string" to work.

  • Feature #970: Keyword Wizard/Editor for Edit+ Editor
    Feature #3625: Provide the ability to insert snippet keywords without having to know the keywords in advance

    A new Keywords Plugin for the Edit+ WYSIWYG Editor now offers new toolbar options for the selecftion of appropriate Matrix keywords and snippets, similar to that available in the classic Matrix WYSIWYG.

  • Feature #4261: Allow asset finder to automatically refresh after the user creates an asset

    By default, the Asset Finder will now refresh the assets it displays on each load, rather than caching them - removing the need to click on "Refresh Assets". This feature can be controlled by an Edit+ configuration setting.

  • Integration of the Edit+ WYSIWYG Editor with Admin Mode

    A user preference can now be set in Squiz Matrix to extend the use of the Edit+ WYSIWYG Editor into Admin Mode, where it will be used for Content Containers and WYSIWYG attributes in place of the classic Matrix WYSIWYG.

  • Edit+ exposes Matrix's new container-level Content Personalisation feature

    Matrix can now show or hide a Content Container (nee Content DIV) based on evaluating conditions that can be applied at the page or site level. If a page has content personalisation enabled, an option will appear in Preview Mode allowing the page to be viewed with these conditions optionally switched on or off.

  • Edit+ WYSIWYG Cursor Assist feature

    This new feature displays an "Insert" indicator above and/or below certain items where it is difficult to otherwise insert a new paragraph without extending the current element, such as a table.

  • HTML_CodeSniffer Accessibility Auditor updated to version 2.0.1

    A full list of changes is available in the HTML_CodeSniffer release notes. Note that some of these changes were already made available in Edit+ 1.5.0.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug #5082: Metadata screen broken if WYSIWYG metadata field is used

    The SCRIPT tags printed as part of the WYSIWYG metadata field in Matrix was causing a JavaScript error, and are now removed.

  • Fixed bug #4838: Edit+ Metadata screen - Fields are being cut

    If the values of a Select metadata field (drop-down type) exceeded a certain length, it was possible for the drop-down to appear partially cut off in the Edit+ Metadata screen. A maximum width has been added through CSS.  

  • Fixed bug #3715: Moving-to-trash warning on Linking screen should only appear when the last link is deleted

    There is a message that warns users deleting location links that the current asset will be trashed if all links are removed. This used to appear when any one link was marked for deletion, but now will only appear if all links are to be deleted.

  • Fixed bug #5105: Asset Finder converts plus signs in title to spaces

    The Asset Finder was converting plus signs in asset map display names to spaces, due to a URL-decoding issue. For example, an asset with the name "Edit+" would only show as "Edit ".

  • A large number of bug fixes in the Edit+ WYSIWYG editor, including a focus on compatibility with Internet Explorer 11.

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