Edit+ 5.0.3

As a result of the fix to bug #5338 - which aligns the behaviour of workflow commenting with Admin Mode - the following changes should be noted:

  • Increased Matrix requirements: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix 5.0.3 will require Squiz Matrix or later.
  • Configuration setting deprecated: The configuration file setting mandatoryWorkflowLog no longer has any effect. This was a workaround to offset the lack of ability to glean user log requirements from the Workflow Schema. This is now possible, so that takes priority.

New Features and Enhancements

  • New feature #4807: Automatic Remaps in Edit+

    The Automatic Remaps setting, from the Web Paths screen in Admin Mode, is now available on the URLs screen of Edit+ when changing web paths. Previously no automatic remaps would be created. The default for this option mirrors what would be offered in Admin Mode.

  • New feature #5338: Workflow - approve changes without entering comment

    Actions performed on the Workflow screen now respect the mandatory user-log settings on the Workflow Schema. Previously this was managed by an Edit+ configuration file option in lieu of proper detection, defaulting to requiring user logs irrespective of the Workflow Schema setting.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug #3440: Links in Preview mode don't behave as links in Chrome

    Links in Preview Mode are meant to redirect to the appropriate asset in Edit+ when left-clicked, or to the appropriate page if external. However, overriding of the click event was applied to all mouse buttons. Firefox overrides this with its handling of the right and middle buttons, but Chrome does this for the right button only. Middle clicks would cause a same-window redirect instead of opening in a new window.

  • Fixed bug #5395: Contents screen in read only mode needs several fixes

    Various cosmetic issues relating to content containers when in read only mode, including WYSIWYGs with PRE tags that overflowed the surrounding container.

  • Fixed bug #5453: "This asset is in workflow message" is too narrow

    Cosmetic issue caused by changes to shrink the message's maximum width if the button size is greater than a certain length (to eventually accommodate languages requiring more characters than English to convey the same message). The original code shrunk the actual width of the message rather than the maximum, which caused obvious problems with single-line messages.

  • Fixed bug #5460: Search toolbar sits behind WYSIWYG editor when anchored to top

    Fixed a vertical ordering issue between the main toolbar and the Edit+ WYSIWYG's anchored toolbar, which displays when the screens like Content are scrolled. Due to this issue, the latter was obscuring the search toolbar, which is contained in the former.

  • Fixed bug #5466: When an asset (called using an asset ID only) has multiple sites, allow the "current asset" to influence the primary site

    This fix reduces the possibility for assets to have to fall back to an inappropriate primary site and lineage, when an asset is placed beneath more than one site, and especially when those sites do not live directly underneath the root folder. This uses the location of the "current" asset, as determined by the current URL.

    The change made by this bug fix is that, if the asset has more than one site to choose from, it will now use the current asset's site if that is one of the options available. Only then will it fall back to other alternatives.

    This issue had caused side effects, such as when the "additional asset locations in Asset Finder" feature was enabled - as this shows the current site, if an asset had multiple sites above it and one or more were out of reach for Edit+, the feature would fail with a JS API permissions error.

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