Edit+ 5.0.7

  • Fixed bug #5880: IE8 choking on somewhat malformed Thumbnail HTML 

    When a thumbnail (a.k.a. Related Image) was applied to an asset, the massaged HTML that Edit+ was creating out of the "current thumbnail" backend section was malformed, and this was causing IE8 to misinterpret the DOM created from the Details screen HTML. The symptoms of this bug is the Details screen only showing the details of the current thumbnail, without status and other sections of the Details screen. If the details screen was not read only, Edit+ also displayed an error relating to the Related Image asset picker.

    This appeared to be triggered by interface changes in Matrix 5 to the asset tag line HTML, which wasn't taken account of in Edit+.

  • Fixed bug #1922: Temporary approval access triggers confusing error message after approval

    If a user does not have write access to an asset where they are part of the workflow process, they will be given read access and ability to approve or reject the changes to allow the workflow to advance. In Edit+, if they exercised this ability, the interface would not confirm the action because they lose their read access, and the success "tick" doesn't appear until the interface is reloaded.
    Now, users will get the "tick", followed by a message which tells them they no longer have read access. The popup will direct users to the login screen, which is the typical action of cases where a user is logged in but has no read access.

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