Edit+ 5.0.8

  • Fixed bug #5290: Copy and Pasting multiple list items into another list creates invalid HTML
  • Fixed bug #5329: A blank ID value can be added to the source code of a page when using the anchor field
  • Fixed bug #5757: Re-Order Content Containers CSS problem
  • Fixed bug #5856: When creating a new list in Firefox, the list indent icon is disabled for the second list item
  • Fixed bug #5953: Untyped characters appearing [in Chrome] in content pasted from MS Word 2010
  • Fixed bug #5996: When creating a link around a list, the A tags are added in the wrong spot in the source code
  • Fixed bug #6013: When you delete bold or italic content and enter new content, the bold or italic format is applied
  • Fixed bug #6076: If you press undo and redo after you edit the details of an image in Firefox, the image handlers appear in the wrong location
  • Fixed bug #6099: Deleting the last few highlighted words in a single line of text will delete the entire <p>
  • Fixed bug #6107: When you delete all of the content in the Paper Reel example [in Chrome] and start typing, the icons in the top toolbar are not updated
  • Fixed bug: When pasting lists from MS Word into Safari, no level information was available

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