EES 1.4.2

  • Fixed bug #3584: Anchor links in preview mode don't scroll the user

    In Firefox, clicking on a link to an anchor in the same document did not scroll the Preview screen. It would only try to scroll the iframe the previewed document was placed in, which meant no scrolling happened as the iframe height matches the height of the previewed content. (Other browsers scroll the parent window too.)

Contents Screen

  • Fixed bug #3900: Edit+ div properties popup doesn't save Description field

    A bug in the way the contents of the Description field was accessed saw a blank description passed from Edit+ to Matrix, if the Div Properties were modified. (Only applies to Edit+ for Squiz Matrix.)

Asset Finder

  • Fixed bug #4010: Loading screen stalls when an asset lineage without a URL is selected in the Asset Finder 

    When an asset lineage is selected in the Asset Finder that does not have a URL, the redirection code fails to redirect, causing the loading screen to stall. EES will now instead emit an error to this effect.

Details Screen - Calendar Events 

  • Fixed bug #3979: Calendar events set for between 1200hrs and 1259hrs are shown in box header as "am"
    Fixed bug #3980: Events between 0000hrs and 0059hrs will show up as "0 am" rather than "12 am"

    These two bugs related to the summary display of the start and end time of the calendar event, as shown above the editing interfaces for these two data items. The editing interface was rendering the correct time and saving correctly.

WYSIWYG Content Editor (Viper)

These changes are only available in Edit+ for Squiz Matrix.

  • Fixed bug #3778: Email links not escaping spaces

    When, using the Insert Link tool, an email link is inserted with a subject, the subject is now URI-encoded (eg. spaces replaced with "%20").

  • Fixed bug #3834: Right click and Control+V pasting issues in IE 

    When pasting via the right click option, Viper is supposed to provide a box for pasting. This was disappearing after load leaving the user with no way to paste. Also, when trying to paste more than once using standard Control+V approach, Viper would present the pasting box (which it should not) and throw a JS error.

  • Fixed bug #3884: Viper table editing bug in Chrome and Safari

    When editing an empty table cell, pressing the space bar after the first word would return the caret to the beginning of the table cell.

  • Fixed bug #3901: Inconsistent results when pasting raw text with new line separators into viper

    Chrome and Safari had inconsistencies with the HTML created when plain text was pasted into the WYSIWYG editor.

  • Fixed bug #3905: Joining two block elements together causes content to be wrapped with span tags

    Only appeared to occur in recent versions of Chrome.

  • Fixed bug #3909: Text blocked:: prepended to hyperlink href attributes for pasted content

    In recent versions of MS Outlook (2002+), security settings do not permit pasting of links from domains not specifically trusted. The hyperlinks from these emails instead receive a "blocked::" prefix in their HREF, which the WYSIWYG editor will now clean up.

  • Fixed bug #3915: Adding a manual line break at the end of an inline element causes Viper to clean up incorrectly

    The WYSIWYG editor generally cleans up line breaks (created using Shift+Enter) at the end of a paragraph upon save. However, it was also doing this with inline elements.

  • Fixed bug #3942: Incorrect handling of deleting entire list in IE8

    When an entire list was deleted between two paragraphs, the paragraph after would be merged into the list, instead of the list being deleted. Trying to delete list items resulted in the WYSIWYG toolbar removing itself, along with a JavaScript error.

  • Fixed bug #3957: Pressing enter twice after a paragraph that is inside a div does not create the paragraph outside the div

    As stated in the issue description. The situation incorrectly resulted in exiting the DIV rather than creating the extra paragraph inside the DIV.

  • Fixed bug #3983: When entering content, if you turn off bold formatting and then press space, the space is removed

    As stated in the issue description. This included other inline styles such as italic and underline.

  • Fixed bug #3985: Remove all style tags from pasted content, even if they contain HTML attributes

    When cleaning up pasted content, Viper removes style tags from MS Word content. These style tags contained no "type" attribute, and thus this is all Viper cleaned up. When testing copying from a document in LibreOffice, style tags were being imported with a HTML-compliant "type" attribute, and these were not being cleaned up.

  • Fixed bug #3986: When outdenting the last item of a list in a table, all content in the row ends up being selected

    This was caused by a change in the inline toolbar's positioning combined with a mouseup event, which selected the table row from the inline toolbar's lineage.

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