EES Build 1085

  • Fixed Bug #887: Workflow Custom Log Messages Not Being Sent in Workflow Email. If custom workflow messages were configured to use the workflow logs keyword replacement and EES is used to approve/reject workflow, the logs message was not being sent with the emails.
  • Fixed Bug #890: Unable to Edit Multiple Text Fields.
    User was unable to enter text value into multiple text fields when use default is un-ticked. This problem prevented users from editing multiple text value fields and was occurring cross-browser.
    Related to change in jQuery attribute handling. The .attr('checked') no longer evaluates to a boolean, replaced with .is(':checked').
    Also changed is the handling of deletion clicks and an IE 8 issue where function call to handleDefaultClickMT() global function wasn't being unbound (could be jQuery's new script evaluation, although .unbind() should still have worked). Fixed this by overloading the global function to do nothing.
  • Fixed Bug #900: Draggable / Sortable Elements Not Working in IE9.
    This issue was caused by jQuery UI issue #5370. This bug is IE9 specific and causes the following widgets to fail: Creation Wizard draggable feature, Asset Finder draggable feature, Child Listing drag and sort feature, Metadata multitext field drag and sort feature.

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