EES Build 681

EES now provides an ‘Asset Finder’ which is used by an editor to:

  • Locate and redirect to assets for editing.
  • Select parent(s) when in the ‘Asset Creation Wizard’.
  • Select a new parent when adding a ‘New Link Location’.
  • Select an asset to use as ‘Nested Content’ when using the ‘Asset Picker’ from the ‘Contents’ 

Features include:

  • Auto browse and scroll to
: the ‘Asset Finder’ will load the current asset being edited within context of its sub structure underneath the current site. This allows users to redirect to (or add new content) directly underneath (or close to) the asset currently being edited.
  • Breadcrumbs and lineage
: easy to navigate back to parent assets by using the breadcrumb links or by selecting highlighted parents within each panel.
  • Child count
: items that have children are marked with a child count.
  • Custom root nodes in default panel
: an array of custom root nodes can be specified in the configuration file to list commonly used areas. For example, if you have a folder that contains all of your latest newest items, you can add this folder directly underneath the current site asset in the default panel so that editors can jump straight to that location and edit/add new items. Other site assets can also be added to this list.
  • Panel caching
: once a panel has loaded this will not be reloaded again until the ‘Asset Finder’ is closed and re-­‐opened again, reducing load on the server and increasing the speed of user interaction.

Creation Wizard

EES now provides an ‘Asset Creation Wizard’ which is used by an editor to:

  • Create pages: Standard Page, News Item.
  • Create files: Folder, Image, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MP3, FLV, Generic Movie, Generic 

Features include:

  • Asset Finder integration: when selecting new parent create locations, the ‘Asset Finder’ is loaded and auto browses to current asset location. Users can add new assets directly underneath the current page being edited or use the finder to locate another parent asset to use.
  • Input validation: required inputs are checked before being sent to the server to filter user errors.
  • Auto input population: friendly names are auto populated (if creating file assets) based on file name unless edited by user.
  • Multiple parent selection: new assets can be added in multiple locations. The wizard uses the first listed item as the create location and then creates multiple link locations based on subsequent parents selected.
  • Hide/show in menu: the user can select whether a new asset is hidden (type 2) or shown (type 1) in menus when creating new assets. This option effects all new link locations.


New Features:

  • ‘New’ button opens the ‘Asset Creation Wizard’.
  • ‘Exit Edit Mode’ button now provides the user with the following tool tip options:
    a. ‘Exit’ which will reload the page without the _edit URL suffix
    b. ‘Logout’ which will reload the page without the _edit URL suffix and log the user out 
of MSM.
    c. ‘Cancel’ which will remove the tool tip
  • ‘Find an asset’ opens the ‘Asset Finder’.
  • Hover states added to all buttons.
  • Icons added for PPT, Excel and MP3 assets in preview mode. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Preview Mode:
    a. Correctly handles query string parameters in preview URL. Prior to this the GET 
parameters were not being appended/added in the correct order.
    b. Applies ‘_nocache’ to the URL. Prior to this the preview URL was not using 
‘_nocache’ and systems using permission level caching would not have been seeing immediate changes.

Info Box

New Features:

  • Icons added for PPT, Excel and MP3 files. Sizes vary depending on use e.g. ‘info Box’, asset child lists, ‘Asset finder’, ‘Asset Creation Wizard’.

Bug Fixes:

  • Info box now updated on each screen load. Prior to this if two users were editing the same asset (for example status was changed) the info box would not update until the ‘Save’ button was selected. This is now refreshed every time a screen loads.

All Screens

Bug Fixes:

  • Warning box container now pre-­‐pended to screen container.
  • Screen content now added as last item (appended) to container to avoid removing any other 
HTML the container may already use like the 'warning' box.
  • Warning box for workflow now appears when asset is in workflow. Prior to this, the 
workflow warning would only appear in some cases, and in its place a ‘You do not have permission to access this asset’ message was appearing. Min write (or no permissions but access to ‘Approve/Reject’ for workflow) is assumed for access to EES in ‘_edit’ so the permissions message above screens is not required.   

Details Screen

Bug Fixes:

  • Status area now enables the workflow streams drop down. Prior to this the drop down stayed disabled and a user with admin permissions was unable to change workflow streams.
  • Stream selection is correctly handled, previously default stream would always be used.
  • Where required metadata message appears, the link to enter metadata values now loads 
the metadata screen in easy edit instead of the original _edit url.
  • Clicking ‘cascade’ without making a status change now allows re-­‐cascade of certain (valid) 

Content Screen

New Features:

  • User can now create ‘Nested Content’ divs from ‘Create New Div’ button, allowing them to share and re-­‐use content across pages.
  • ‘Nested Content’ divs display an ‘Asset Picker’. When ‘Change’ is selected, the ‘Asset Finder’ is opened to locate and select content to nest into the page.
  • Once an asset is selected the ‘Asset Picker’ is updated with an asset icon, asset name, asset id, and ‘clear selection’ option.

Bug Fixes:

  • Double output from content screen saves that appeared in some instances now removed.

Metadata Screen

New Features:

  • Three new fields available to edit: Date, Multitext, and WYSIWYG. 

Workflow Screen

Bug Fixes:

  • Workflow ‘Approve/Reject/Safe Edit’ drop down now appears for all users who have correct permissions. Prior to this we were only checking for the existence of ‘Approve’ within the drop down select. In some cases the drop down would only have ‘Reject’ available to choose from. 

Linking Screen

New Features: 

  • ‘New Location Link’ button which opens the ‘Asset Finder’ and allows the user to select a new parent asset to link the current asset under. Great for sharing and re-­‐using content in multiple locations. This feature can be used to ‘move’ items by creating/deleting link locations.
  • Now detects if a link location is ‘Locked’ and does not allow deletion.
  • Now provides ‘Link Value’ input field for each location. Great for implementation flexibility 
e.g. Asset Listing filters.
  • New screen section ‘Direct Children’ added underneath ‘Location links’ which lists the direct children of the current asset being edited.
    a. Listed items provide asset icon, asset type, asset name, asset status, asset name, re-­‐ ordering, redirect to edit, redirect to view linking screen.
    b. Items that are ‘Locked’ or the user does not have min ‘write’ permissions to edit are blocked from re-­‐ordering. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Show in menu no longer incorrectly reports ‘No’ when the screen is read only. 

URLs Screen

Bug Fixes:

  • URL stem now displays correctly. Prior to this the stem was formatted incorrectly if multiple web paths existed.



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