EES Build 1102

  • Fixed Bug #1058: WYSIWYG plugin error for 'view source' in Safari 5 for Mac and PC.
    When loading content screen, or other wysiwyg instances like news/events/metadata and selct 'view source' then select button again, the following error is thrown to overlay INDEX_SIZE_ERR: DOM Exception 1: Index or size was negative, or greater than the allowed value.
  • Fixed Bug #1073: Using double quotes when creating/editing asset names breaks the HTML output.
    The values being written for asset names need to be escaped to allow the use of double quotes. Currently double quotes will result in broken HTML for the input fields.
  • Fixed Bug #1076: Clearing a selection in the related asset metadata field generates an error.
    Due to incorrect handling of the selectedAsset object. It checks for undefined when the code was changed to supply a null value when cleared/de-selected in phase 3.
  • Fixed Bug #1132: Assets linked in trash may produce "Asset must belong under site" lineage issues.
    A check in the lineage functions for assets in EES looks for links under asset id #10 and filters them out of the readable lineage information allowing EES to avoid using trashed linked assets. The check for asset id isn't reliable, it was dicovered that some rare cases that systems may use a different id for the trash folder asset. Now uses the trash_folder type code as a check instead of the asset id.
  • Fixed Bug #1144: Asset creation wizard selects home page instead of site for parent selector.
    When invoking the asset finder for asset selection (used in asset creation wizard, nesting assets, applying thumbnails, related asset metadata field) to select the site asset, the home page is selected instead. This is due to standard asset finder (from toolbar) functionality that redirects to the home page when selecting the site asset to avoid site asset editing. Corrected to allow site asset selection when invoked for non redirect purposes.
  • Fixed Bug #1156: Asset finder 'a is undefined' error when clicking between asset links within panels.
    When invoking asset finder from main toolbar or by other interface selectors the error 'a is undefined' appears when you click between links. This bug was introduced for phase 3 release as a part of the asset finder core refactoring and id due to a missing 'interaction' blocker that prevents users from clicking on elements that have yet to fully load within the DOM.
  • Fixed Bug #1157: When deleting last link location user is redirected to site url instead of parent url.
    Phase 3 bug. When user deletes last link location from linking screen they are redirected to site url within edit mode instead of the parent url within edit mode. This throws the user out of context of current working tree and can be confusing. Special consideration for file assets are still maintained due to enforced use of limbo asset id URLs which are in place to avoid potential apache/matrix url conflicts.


  • New Enhancment #1141: Confirm cascade status change on multiple children overlay isn't replaced with loading when clicked.
    The confirmation overlay that is displayed when cascade status change is ticked on the details screen doesn't hide when the option to confirm the cascade is clicked. This can cause the user to think nothing is happening while api calls are being processed in the background. Multiple clicking on this link causes multiple api calls to be queued and errors occur like "results is null". Workaround is to avoid multiple clicking on this button. The existing overlay has been replaced with the default loading overlay while the ajax is processing to avoid user interaction with cascade option.

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