EES Build 1141

  • Fixed Bug #1263: Compare to live button only available when asset is in Safe Edit.
    The compare to live button in the black tool bar in EES when in preview mode only showed when the asset is in Safe Edit. This bug fix now shows when the asset is in Safe Edit Pending Approval and Safe Edit Approved.
  • Fixed Bug #1158: Cascading status to children with incompatible status types prompts EES error overlay.
    EES throws an error if cascade status is used and children are of incompatible status types. Matrix admin mode does something similar as a 'Matrix Warning' with fuzzy feedback. Status still gets cascaded and applied where compatible (behind the scenes) but the thrown error stops the current assets details screen from refreshing. This bug fix now suppresses the error that was thrown and reloads the details screen.
  • Fixed Bug #1314: No error message when changing url path to a duplicate.
    When trying to change a page URL to the same name as another page there is no warning that this url already exists. The URL however automatically reverts back to its unique name. A warning message is displayed in the admin interface but nothing was displayed in in EES. In EES it would appear as though the change had been made (eg. the green tick icon appears), except once the overlay was closed the web path would remain as it was previously. This bug fix now display an error message for this issue.
  • Fixed Bug #1310: No warnings if removing page name or short name in IE.
    In IE (on the details screen) the page name/short name if emptied would be saved with an empty value. This is actually what happens in admin mode, the asset name and short name can have empty values yet asset attribute name and asset attribute short name cannot. However if you were to go through the same process in EES on Firefox, when you click on the save button after emptying the asset name or short name field you get a Javascript warning saying the field is required. This bug fix now makes the error feedback consistent across IE and FF and forces input of page name/short name.
  • Fixed Bug #1308: In page links getting prefixed with current page edit URL in WYSIWYG in IE.
    In IE7 and IE8 (on the contents screen within WYSIWYG) when adding hash values to HREF attributes and if you toggled between editing and source mode the hash value would be prepended with a maformed version of the /_edit URL. This bug fix applies to IE7 and IE8 only and applies a filter between toggling to capture this issue and replace offending values.
  • Fixed Bug #1383: Input file name for any file asset is not required, but removes web path when submitted empty.
    When you saved the details screen for a file asset as blank it removed the web path making EES unable to re-upload a replacement file or show a preview. This bug fix applies client side validation added for file path input.
  • Fixed Bug #1370: Asset Finder - IE9 and Chrome automatically re-order objects by number, changing the order of panels.
    This is an issue we discovered with chrome with other code in EES within a previous release. See IE9 specific data related to this issue. In this instance objects contain the asset id as a property (variable type string or number it doesn't matter). After assigning the property these browser re-order the object properties numerically which is killing the original order of the lineage and causing data in the asset finder to be inserted out of context. This bug fix prepend 'ID_' to asset ID values so JavaScript is forced to see these values as strings.
  • Fixed Bug #1368: Incorrect page warning shown when workflow is applied and user does not have permission to edit.
    The workflow message with the 'initiate safe edit' message is shown on initial page load instead of the permission warning. This gives visibility of the button and it's associated action even though it will result in a javascript error. It only happens on initial load, subsequent page loads will overwrite the message with the correct permission warning. This bug fix changes the order of importance 'permissions' message.
  • Fixed Bug #1311: IE 7 to 9 - After editing contents inputs become unselectable.
    After saving changes on the content screen other inputs on screens become unselectable. This does not 'fix' the issue, but rather runs code that will focus an invisible element to restore the ability for IE to be able to click or tab into input text elements or textareas. This was caused by the wysiwyg and can be avoided in older versions by clicking outside of the wysiwyg before saving or navigating to another screen, or selecting a range of text inside the wysiwyg iframe before navigating/saving.
  • Fixed Bug #1255: Relative paths used in form submit action for file uploads.
    In EasyEditScreenFile.js and EasyEditScreenImage.js the arguments passed for form submission action url were using relative paths. This causes isses on sites that do no have EES applied to the site at the root domain level, for example the base site URL that does not have EES applied to it may be and the sub site URL that does have EES applied may be like
    The only way this scenario can work is if the following is in place to cater for it:
    1. An apache configuration change to ensure points to file/folder system that matrix is installed on i.e. folders like 'lib', 'fudge', 'data' resolve using the sub site format. A test to see if the apache change works might be to insert into a browser and see if it resolves.
    2. The addition of the sub site url into the EES configuration file as a new array element for baseSiteUrls: example might bebaseSiteUrls: ['']
    The only other way for this to work without these measures involves applying EES to the base site URL.
  • Fixed Bug #1177: Thumbnail not being applied when replacing an existing thumbnail.
    If a thumbnail was set on an asset, you could change it using the picker and it appeared as though it worked until you hit save. At which point the screen would reload with the previous thumbnail chosen. A visit to the matrix backend shows the change was not applied. There were a couple of exceptions: setting the thumbnail to nothing saves fine, as does setting a thumbnail where none is currently set. This bug fix now applies thumbnail changes correctly upon saving changes to the details screen.
  • Fixed Bug #954: Generic image upload field text found on all file type assets.
    All File type assets, the 'Upload Field' (Details screen) display the field text 'Upload a new image to overwrite the current file' regardless of whether it is a PDF file, MP3 file etc. This bug fix changes the wording to 'Upload a new file to overwrite the current file'.
  • Fixed Bug #948: Image files lose web paths when archived.
    When changing image file status to archive and then back again, the web path is removed and not applied again. To correct, an admin has to apply a file name to admin mode.
  • Fixed Bug #947: File remaps error overlay shows with success image and will not go away.
    Upon updating file assets in a sequence that throws Matrix admin error related to remaps, the success overlay does not go away and the message is confusing for editors. The user would also have to manually refresh the page to update. This error is now suppressed and no longer causes the screen not to refresh.
  • Fixed Bug #1166: IE7 to IE8 - WYSIWYG on metadata screen sometimes displays as tall column of icons.
    The WYSIWYG icons would appear as a tall column with repeating images. This bug fix applies CSS to override existing styles in order to ensure these elements appear as expected.


  • New Enhancment #1135: Removed class="error" from the EasyEditScreens error overlay.
    This was producing some unwanted formatting around error messages generated specifically by the urls screen.
  • New Enhancment #1105 and #1130: Enhanced error reporting.
    Enhanced error reporting now enabled by default. Formatting redundancy cleaned up slightly and extra asset information added to overlay to assist with troubleshooting.
  • New Enhancment #1126: EES no longer uses jQuery validate plugin.
    jQuery.validate had ceased working with our validation methods on create wizards and details screens for IE 8 and 7. Because we don't use normal form submission techniques the whole validation process in these areas had to be re-factored to restore working order to these warnings. Validation is now achieved through core custom code instead of 3rd party plugins.js. This does not resolve duplication in validation methods but provides a better framework for future validation requirements. Any empty file for jQuery validate will be retained within our package to avoid support issues around Matrix design file references to this.
  • New Enhancment #1117: Custom UI cleaned up.
    Minified JSON.js. Added Mustache.js to facilitate cleaner approach with HTML template system.
  • New Enhancment #1112: Base site URL code cleaned up.
    We now hook into a 'smart' function for determining base site url off the current page url which checks against the EasyEditConfig.baseSiteUrl array. Altered the base site url code in both files to use this function.
  • New Enhancment #1110: jQuery framework files cleaned up.
    Removed jQuery framework files less than 1.6 from package.

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