EES Build 1141-2

  • Fixed Bug #985: Metadata Screen - WYSIWYG and date select field in the same schema throws error in IE7/8.
    In IE7 and 8 a syntax error and/or error 80020101 message would appear if a metadata schema had certain combinations of complex metadata applied.
  • Fixed Bug #1428: Content Screen - WYSIWYGs disappear on news item assets after saving changes to details screen.
    The content screen would not appear after saving changes to details screen and then switching back to contents screen.
  • Fixed Bug #1556: Content Screen - IE9 htmlarea div sets height to 300 pixels.
    IE9 sets the height (inline) for html area divs to 300px which causes content to overflow, this correction applies a CSS important rule to compensate.
  • Fixed Bug #1547: Details Screen - Up for review status with workflow applied results in assets still being editable.
    Matrix backend disables the button to acquire locks when this combination of status and workflow is present on an asset but in EES the acquire lock is built into the load of the screen and previous was able to acquire locks and edit on an asset that wouldn't be possible in the backend.
  • Fixed Bug #1542: All WYSIWGs - Bullets not showing in EES WYSIWYG.
    When creating an un-ordered list in the WYSIWYG for EES, IE7+ did not show the bullets but Firefox did.
  • Fixed Bug #1529: Creation Wizard - IE8 on Windows XP throws error after successful file upload.
    On IE8 (Windows XP) after uploading a file asset, IE would display an error and cause the current tab to close and re-open. This fix requires design file interaction to change jquery-1.6.2.min.js to jquery-1.7.1.min.js


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