EES Build 1645

EES Build 1645 is the first of the Phase 4 builds required for Edit+ compatibility including significant core code changes to update the GUI.
If you have plugins that rely on specific DOM elements to exist, please backup/disable these prior to upgrading and review the plugins thoroughly after upgrading.
A number of changes have been made to future proof the way design files are implemented to access and source required scripts/files including new additions to the JS API that need to be enabled.
New Squiz Matrix baseline versions of 4.6.6 to 4.6.7, 4.8.2 to 4.8.7 and 4.10.0 to 4.10.3 are required.
Please follow the compatibility guide steps for upgrading from Phase 3 to Phase 4.

EES Core - Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #1474: URLs not displaying in IE when screens are in read only view.
    On IE8, if an asset had a status that prevented a user from making changes (for example archived or approved to go live) the URLs screen would display no URL details.
  • Fixed Bug #723: Replace text tool generating strange characters.
    When pasting from word documents that contain ms word single quotes characters were replaced with incorrect entities. This has been corrected by recent changes which have included the character set handling plugin within core code.
  • Fixed Bug #1426: Unsaved changes dialog box not rendering correctly in IE7.
    The unsaved changes dialog box that pops up if a user attempts to go to a new screen was not rendering correctly in IE7. The 'return to screen' button only says 'return to'. CSS changesspecific for IE7 now correct this issue.
  • Fixed Bug #313: Direct children on linking screen when moved does not enable save button or re-ordered items do not save correctly.
    When re-ording direct child listed items within the linking screen sometimes the save button would not enabled and other times the re-ordering would only save some of the changes.
  • Fixed Bug #1812: Date picker for event assets saving 12:00pm-12:59pm date problem.
    When using EES to create or edit event assets any time between 12:00pm and 12:59pm would not save properly and stayed at AM.
  • Fixed Bug #1388: Locks conflict message does not appear on initial screen load but does on subsequent load.
    If someone already had locks on an asset the 'Locks are held by...' message would not display on initial screen load but did on subsequent screen loads.
  • Fixed Bug #1870: Auto 'scroll to' not working in asset finder with one panel.
    In some cases, when the asset finder would load and there would only be one panel (other than the default) and the list of assets exceeded the height of the finder (creating scroll bar), and asset lineage was below the panel folder, the finder would not auto scroll to the bottom of the panel.
  • Fixed Bug #1509: Mailto: protocol links in preview mode re-direct to _edit.
    When a user would click on a hyperlinks that used the 'mailto:' protocol, the user would be redirected to a 'page not found'.
  • Fixed Bug #1436: Quick off the mark dialogue box displaying when trying to add divs to live page with workflow applied.
    Attach events was not running correctly because it assumed the page was 'read only', which isn't the case for some status's and permission levels with workflow applied.
  • Fixed Bug #1473: Empty file assets created when post_max_size exceeded.
    If a user of the asset creation wizard attempted to upload a file with a size beyond the post_max_size set in PHP, an empty file asset was created and there was no warning that a problem occured. The creation wizard now presents a list of potential issues to the user when this fails.
  • Fixed Bug #1911: EasyEditConfig.defaultScreen causes an error when set to a screen name that doesn't belong to all asset types.
    If the EES config file property of 'defaultScreen' was set to a screen name like 'content' to make EES load into the content screen by default, and the asset did not support the specified screen (file assets do not have a content screen) this would throw an error.
  • Fixed Bug #889: Asset parent linked in the trash sometimes cause issues getting primary lineage.
    The functions .getPrimaryLineage() and .getPrimarySite() in EasyEditAsset.js determine lineage and site information based on the information returned from the asset map. There is code that looks for and filters out direct lineages to the trash. If an asset's parent is linked to trash this lineage is not filtered out of the lineage results, which produces errors particularly in the asset finder which attempts to use the lineage information. The workaround for this was to purge the trash. New code (and two new JS API functions) for getting and handling the correct lineage (inlcuding new code to filter trash links) now corrects this issue.
  • Fixed Bug #2026: Uploading a PDF that can't have its contents read by Matrix throws error and fails PDF creation.
    Whenever a PDF was uploaded in Matrix, Matrix would try and read the contents so that it can index it and return it in search results for Matrix search pages. In admin mode, if Matrix can't read the PDF, it throws a warning but still uploads the file. The warning looks like this:
    MySource Warning
    File: [SYSTEM_ROOT]/core/assets/files/pdf_file/
    Line: 86
    Message: Error occured while getting contents for pdf File Asset #XXXX

    The same thing would happen in EES, however after the warning/error gets thrown, EES would not know how to progress and stopped on the spot causing the asset to not get created.
  • Fixed Bug #1974: Asset Finder 'Loading' message when user has denied access.
    When a user was in EES and using the Asset Finder, if they had denied permissions to a section of their site they would see a red lock icon on the asset, which tells them they do not have access to this asset or section of the IA. prior to this change, if the user clicked on the denied permission asset, the next column displayed the standard 'Loading...' message but child assets would load. The default 'loading' message for these cases has now been changed to inform the user that they do not have permissions.
  • Fixed Bug #1430: Removing last link from linking screen intermittently causes API error.
    When the last link location was deleted from the linking screen (asset is in trash) calls were being incorrectly made to fetch information about the asset that just been deleted, causing errors because the asset was in the trash. Changes to the way the linking screen now redirects after link location deletion have corrected this issue.

EES Core - Installation and Design Implementation Changes

  • New Feature #908: Merge EES JS files.
    All JS file references (apart from the main EES core min file) have now been rolled into the one file which helps to reduce overheads related to client/server HTTP requests and further decreases initial load times.
  • A new grey out overlay will appear if EES loads and detects that EES JS and CS code file references are incorrect, or JS API functions are not turned on. This will help users migrate to the best practice design file installation/implementaion approach. For more information this best practice approach visit the Easy Edit Suite Installation Guide.

EES Core - New Features

  • All toolbar buttons have been reduced in width and spacing which includes combining user details with exit/logout functions and removing the 'compare to live' text from the show differences icon. This optimises toolbar real estate to accomodate Edit+ for Squiz Matrix features like the 'Accessibility Auditor'.
  • Asset info box is no longer available on the left side of all screens. This has been relocated to the main toolbar and is available for viewing when clicked. This design change optimises screen real estate required for Edit+ for Squiz Matrix features to work as expected.
  • A new grey out overlay will appear if EES loads and detects that EES JS and CS code file references are incorrect. This will help users migrate to the best practice design file installation/implementaion approach.
  • New Feature #1238: EES Interface to CSS3.
    Where possible the EES interface has been converted to CSS3, dramatically reducing the amount of CSS background image overheads related to client/server HTTP requests, helping to reduce initial load times. Acceptable fallbacks for IE7 and 8 which do not support CSS3.
  • New Feature #1189 and #1240: Error reporting enhancements.
    In many cases the EES error system now provides further suggestions around the potential cause of the error, assisting the user to complete related tasks. For example, when creating a new file asset and the process fails, the user is now presented with a list of potential causes. This helps avoid much of the user frustration/confusion once experienced around file upload and creation.
    In addition, the error overlay that does appear now provide extensive data ('Show More' button) to assist in troubleshooting and identifying support issues.
  • New Feature #1154: EES images to sprites.
    Where possible the EES interface has been converted to image sprites, dramatically reducing the amount of CSS background image overheads related to client/server HTTP requests, helping to reduce initial load times. Future interface development will focus on the use of sprites over individual image use and slowly convert individual image use to sprites.
  • New Feature #736: Keyboard shortcut for save button.
    When the save button is enabled (green) users can now save their changes with the following keyboard shortcuts. Windows: Alt + S (IE), Alt + Shift + S (FF) and Mac: Ctrl + S.
  • New Feature #1324: Move character set plugin options into the core.
    EES is forced (by the browsers request object) to save content back to the system in UTF-8. This means that some characters that are outside of this range may be saved in an unrecognisable format. The char set plugin was used as workaround to filter and replace issues just before they were saved, this plugin has been extended and commited to the core code base.
  • New Feature #901: Update core UI minified components latest stable release.
    EES references to jQuery UI components have been updated to latest stable releases.
  • New Feature #1566: Option to not show incompatible browser (grey out) message warning again.
    This new feature only works if the browser supports the 'sessionStorage' object. If a user selects to continue then this warning will not show again for the life of the browser session.
  • New Feature #1512: Stay in preview mode when navigating design preview hyperlinks.
    When using preview mode to navigate to assets that are hyperlinked in the design preview EES nows stays within preview mode. If '/_edit' is appended to a URL or the asset finder is used to navigate to assets EES will continue to load directly into edit mode.
  • New Feature #1513: Pass through query string values to preview iframe.
    EES now passes through query string values into the preview iframe. This will mean that more URLs that require query params to preview correctly will continue to function in EES.
  • New Feature #1971: Removal of error overlay for all (except core critical) issues.
    The error overlay which tended to cause general user confusion has now been shifted to a notice icon and link that becomes visible above the EES build number when an error occurs. All core 'critical' errors will still display the error overlay by default, all non critical issue can now be seen in error overlay after click on the notices link which has 'hide/show' functionality.
  • New Feature #1977: Grey out overlay for server timeout wording changes.
    The server timeout grey out overlay message displays when there the last GET or POST request from EES times out. The wording for this message was unclear to the usual cause. This message has been re-worded to ensure users seek assistance from support desks to investigate network communication issues.

Metadata Screen

  • New Feature #1300: Thesaurus field support for the metadata screen.
    Previously this field was only available to edit in admin mode, this field can now be edited from the EES metadata screen.

Workflow Screen

  • New Feature #1367: Workflow log validation warning enhancement.
    Previously when approving items from EES and a log message isn't entered, the validation error comes up in the type of box usually reserved for displaying more serious errors. This enhancement removes the error overlay for this validation and instead reports issues inline.

Asset Finder

  • New Feature #299: Double click navigation/selection.
    Previously a user would have to first select the asset in a panel then click on 'select' in the bottom right of the asset finder. This new feature allows for 'double click' selection and navigation of assets within the finder.
  • New Feature #1225 and #1227: Display more asset information.
    Asset status is now clearly marked (using related asset colours) on all assets listed in the asset finder.
  • New Feature #1338: Lineage and linked location enhancements.
    Refeactoring of get lineage areas further improves the way EES handles and uses multiple lineages. This helps to avoid potential issues with assets having many linked locations and reduces potential problems related to assets being linked in the trash and being linked in from outside of the current site.

Asset Creation Wizard

  • New Feature #1229: Enhancments to allow programmers to add non supported asset types.
    Due to some refactoring of the asset creation wizard a web developer can now find it a little easier to add non supported asset types to the creation wizard interface and creation processing.
  • New Feature #1237: Back to selection screen option.
    Previously a user would have to first close the wizard and re-open to be able to select an initial asset type and start the creation process again. A 'back' button is now available which avoids this process.
  • New Feature #1163: 'Until' feature now available when creating recurring event assets.
    Previously a user would have to first create their recurring event asset then populate these details after redirecting to the new asset from the creation success screen. Users can now populate the 'until' details during the creation process.
  • New Feature #1316: Select current asset as new parent.
    The creation wizard now provides two buttons, one which allows you to select the current asset as a new parent, and another which invokes the asset finder for parent selection.
  • New Feature #1406: Image creation no longer validates empty image alt values.
    Prior to this change users would have to provide one empty space to pass validation. Users can now select from a 'Decorative only?' image option that removes validation of this input.

Edit+ for Squiz Matrix New Features

Edit+ for Squiz Matrix is available only to clients with a suitable Squiz SLA. Your account manager can provide pricing and further details.

Preview Mode

  • When in preview mode Edit+ for Squiz Matrix users will see an 'Accessibility Auditor' icon. Once selected, a list of accessibility issues will be displayed to the user. The auditor can be configured to report against WCAG 2.0 A, AA, AAA and reports can be filtered by 'Errors', 'Warnings' and 'Notices'. Upon selection of each issue the user is given visual indicators of where issues sit within the context of their web page preview and helpers for source code location/correction.

Content Screen

  • New Feature: 'Viper' WYSIWYG content editor.
    Users of Edit+ can now edit content for Standard Pages, Single/Recurring Event Pages, and News Items using the revolutionary new 'Viper' WYSIWYG content editor (built inhouse by Squiz Labs) dramatically improving usability and the overall content editing experience. The Viper editor is also available onthe Metadata screen for WYSIWYG fields.
  • New Feature: 'Accessibility Auditor' plugin for 'Viper' WYSIWYG content editor.
    Users of Edit+ can now audit their content for known WCAG 2.0 A, AA, AAA issues and identify and resolve issues (inline) as a part of their content editing process. Limited set of 'resolution' interfaces available for inline issue correction.
  • New Feature #1230: Ability to re-order content containers.
    Users of Edit+ can re-order content divs.
  • New Feature #301: Replace Squiz Matrix WYSIWYG 'Insert Link' and 'Insert Image' plugins with EES versions.
    Currently EES users are exposed to the asset map and admin mode pop ups for adding images, links anchors etc, this is highly disruptive to the user experience. User who have access to Edit+ and the new Viper inline content editor will no longer require java (required for matrix asset map interaction) and will be able to use the EES asset finder to locate assets to refer to when inserting hyperlinks and images.
  • New Feature #1838: The ability to define new get variables to pass to nested content.
    The nested content container (once an asset is selected and saved) now displays the ability to define additional GET variables to pass to the nested asset.
  • New Feature #1912: Markdown div type now available.
    If the Squiz Matrix markdown feature is turned on in admin mode configuration AND it is enabled as a property of the EES configuration file then the 'Markdown' div type will be available to create and within the content screen.

Metadata Screen

  • New Feature: 'Viper' WYSIWYG inline content editor.
    Users of Edit+ can now edit content for WYSIWYG metadata fields using the revolutionary new 'Viper' WYSIWYG content editor (built inhouse by Squiz Labs) dramatically improving usability and the overall content editing experience.
  • New Feature: 'Accessibility Auditor' plugin for 'Viper' WYSIWYG content editor.
    Users of Edit+ can now audit their content for known WCAG 2.0 A, AA, AAA issues and identify and resolve issues (inline) as a part of their content editing process. Limited set of 'resolution' interfaces available for inline issue correction.

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