EES Build 1676

  • Fixed Bug #2239: File creation failing with 'file extension is not allowed' matrix warning, even though correct file is selected.
  • Fixed Bug #2385: File selection not cleared in IE when selecting 'Back' from creation wizard.
  • Fixed Bug #2382: Generic file upload failing with JS API error.
    If as user selected 'Files' and then 'Generic Files' and tried to upload any file type, EES would report a JS API error similar to the following: [{"error":"The supplied file extension \"docx\" is not allowed for file type \"file\""}]. This issue was a result of a Squiz Matrix JS API bug, read related details for #5749 . Fix available from Squiz Matrix v4.8.4 and v4.10.0.
  • Fixed Bug #2125: JS API not respecting Global and User Group preferences for allowed file extenstions.
    In some cases (in Squiz Matrix) if the 'Allowed File Extensions to Upload' feature was customised at the Global and/or User Group level, the JS API would not correctly respect the set conditions. This issue was a result of a Squiz Matrix JS API bug, read related details for #5696. Fix available from Squiz Matrix v4.8.4 and v4.10.0.
  • Localisation

  • Fixed Bug #2374: Mistranslation of special characters between admin and EES interfaces.
    If you loaded EES from a page where special characters and/or other languages had been entered in Squiz Matrix admin mode, the characters would be dispayed as garbled characters in the Details, Contents, and Metadata screens. This issue was a result of a Squiz Matrix JS API bug, read related details for #5752. Fix available from Squiz Matrix v4.8.4 and v4.10.0.
  • Fixed Bug #2321: EasyEditLocalise.translate() missing on some English interface strings.
  • Details Screen

  • Fixed Bug #2314: Folder asset metadata locks lost when cancelling safe edit.
  • Fixed Bug #2283: Switching between live and safe edit after uploading a new image in safe edit displays cached image.
  • Preview Mode

  • Fixed Bug #2312: No HREF attribute on A elements causes error overlay to appear in Preview Mode.
  • Fixed Bug #2195: Using Compare to Live feature when 'SQ_ACTION' is in the current url prevents the show difference function from working.
  • Styling

  • Fixed Bug #2307: Generic file type icon not appearing in information box for unsupported asset types.

EES - New Features

Edit+ for Squiz Matrix - Bug Fixes


  • Fixed bug #2404: Unable to edit metadata screen viper fields when default checkbox enabled in IE8 
  • Fixed bug #1815: MS Word formatting not removed when pasting with mouse in Firefox
  • Fixed bug #2075: Initial block switch in IE8 selects all elements in the dom tree above current element
  • Fixed bug #2110: Remove formatting removes class on editable containers
  • Fixed bug #2151: Selection is not maintained when you click the formats icon in the inline toolbar in IE
  • Fixed bug #2159: Wrong id is added to the cells, when you create a header row after deleting the table id
  • Fixed bug #2196: Inline toolbar appears for a mailto link when you select some text under it
  • Fixed bug #2199: Have to select Viper twice to focus if focus was previously on text field in IE8 and IE9.
  • Fixed bug #2211: Additional del tag appears in source code when styling adjacent words.
  • Fixed bug #2217: Strong tags are applied to the content when applying italics to some bold content and not bold content formatting applied
  • Fixed bug #2226: Source view editor does not have focus when you open it
  • Fixed bug #2238: Link, class and anchor icons are not enabled in the top toolbar when you select two words, where one word is formatted
  • Fixed bug #2241: Format icon is not active in the formats sub toolbar when you select a section that has bold or italics formatting applied
  • Fixed bug #2242: Selection is not maintained and the bold icon does not turn blue when you select bold for a paragraph
  • Fixed bug #2260: When an image is moved to the end of a paragraph, the image and move icons don't appear in the inline toolbar
  • Fixed bug #2280: Table active element style flicker between initial toolbar element selection and breadcrumb hover
  • Fixed bug #2282: Unable to select accessibility auditor after clicking in uneditable regions
  • Fixed bug #2285: Grey page after adding table caption
  • Fixed bug #2288: Simple copy paste example causes ie8 to freeze them prompts cancel script run message
  • Fixed bug #2289: Simple copy paste example containing image strips basic formatting in ie8
  • Fixed bug #2308: Source view close button styling doesn't work in IE 8 (CSS opacity issues)
  • Fixed bug #2318: The p tags are deleted in the source code when you try to delete a hr in Firefox
  • Fixed bug #2319: Adding a class to a single word results in the word being removed
  • Fixed bug #2326: Adding an anchor to a word results in the word being deleted
  • Fixed bug #2363: The class icon in the inline toolbar does not become active when you apply a class using the top toolbar
  • Fixed bug #2378: Have to left click twice on 'click to edit' empty editable areas in IE8 and IE9.
  • Fixed bug #2379: Viper toolbar pop ups increase in width when scrolling content.
  • Fixed bug #2381: The inline toolbar remains open when you delete miltiple items in a list in Firefox
  • Fixed bug #2383: Empty li tags are being removed from the source code when you delete list items in Chrome
  • Fixed bug #2387: Cannot copy and paste content using shortcuts
  • Fixed bug #2388: The undo button does not become enabled when you paste content in usig the menu
  • Fixed bug #2391: Copy pasting nested ordered lists converts them to parapraphs containing multiple non breaking spaces
  • Fixed bug #2394: Change the id of a header cell when you merge all cells in a row
  • Fixed bug #2395: Id is removed from a cell when you add a new column at the end of a table
  • Fixed bug #2398: Additional strong and em tags added to the source code when you copy and paste formatted text
  • Fixed bug #2402: Alt and Title tag are not removed from an image when the image is at the end of a paragraph
  • Fixed bug #2403: When you select and highlight an image with some text, image is shown in the lineage of the inline toolbar instead of selection
  • Fixed bug #2428: Focusing on Viper in ie8 and ie9 switches application focus
  • Fixed bug #2445: When you use the keyboard shortcuts to paste in content from a word doc, additional content appears at the bottom of the page

Accessibility Auditor (HTML_CodeSniffer)

  • Fixed bug #2210: Text input fields without value attribute produces incorrect message
  • Fixed bug #2212: Provide "Code Snippet unavailable" message for users of Firefox 10 ESR, so pointer can still be used
  • Fixed bug #2214: HTML_CodeSniffer should throw errors for empty heading tags
  • Fixed bug #2215: Provide a sniff to test for non-existent within-document links
  • Fixed bug #2219: Move the codesniffer pop up when the element it is pointing to is under it
  • Fixed bug #2338: Same-doc fragment link test fails when pointing to an invalid ID
  • Fixed bug #2386: "a" elements not acting as a link a should emit a warning, not an error

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