EES Build 1707

  • Minor Enhancement #2520: Installation documentation and other files should be included in EES and Edit+ packages.
  • Minor Enhancement #2561: Nested content div now provides paint layout and get variable options. This feature is only available in Edit+ for Squiz Matrix.


  • Fixed Bug #2129: Thumbnail information disappears after changing status from archive to under construction.
  • Fixed Bug #2250: Enable viewing, setting, and modifying of future statuses while an asset is in workflow.
  • Fixed Bug #2567: Some variations of keyword replacements with modifiers not saved correctly.
  • Fixed Bug #2667: Unable to open accessibility auditor from preview mode after viewing compare differences then approving changes. This change is only available in Edit+ for Squiz Matrix.

Content Editor (Viper)

These changes are only available in Edit+ for Squiz Matrix.

  • Fixed Bug #2205: Prevent the formatting plugin from wrapping P tags around other P tags.
  • Fixed Bug #2322: 'endNode is undefined' error when indenting new list items.
  • Fixed Bug #2384: Empty p tags are added to the end of the list when you copy and paste it in Chrome.
  • Fixed Bug #2389: The inline toolbar goes off the screen when you apply bold and italics formatting to a PRE section in Firefox.
  • Fixed Bug #2396: is undefined error when pressing enter after pasting content.
  • Fixed Bug #2399: PRE tag is changed to a P when you have a single word, you select it and type over it.
  • Fixed Bug #2400: Space is being removed in content during testing.
  • Fixed Bug #2412: Change Viper to avoid wholesale non-english language convertion to html entities.
  • Fixed Bug #2427: Table tests are producing different results between Firefox and Chrome.
  • Fixed Bug #2444: Right click + paste doesn't work when you try to paste over all content on the page.
  • Fixed Bug #2467: The Image tag is removed from the inline toolbar when you switch windows or applications in Google Chrome.
  • Fixed Bug #2471: Style tags are added into the img tag when you resize an image in Google Chrome.
  • Fixed Bug #2484: Update button becomes enabled when you switch applications or windows.
  • Fixed Bug #2486: Asset Finder icon not available in inline toolbar pop up for editing existing images.
  • Fixed Bug #2487: Copy and Paste results are different between Firefox and Chrome.
  • Fixed Bug #2488: Em tags are placed in the wrong spots when you apply italics to a paragraph that has a bold word.
  • Fixed Bug #2491: Uppercase HTML attribute values populated in multiple tag types when editing in IE8.
  • Fixed Bug #2496: Enter key does not work in insert image popup.
  • Fixed Bug #2535: Empty style tag being left in the code when you remove a header column in Chrome.
  • Fixed Bug #2546: Holding shift to insert uppercase letters into Viper does not enable save button.
  • Fixed Bug #2555: When you merge all cells in a row, the row collapses and doesn't resize until you click out of the cell.
  • Fixed Bug #2560: Format plugin rules for supported block elements.
  • Fixed Bug #2566: Holding shift to insert uppercase letters does not trigger nodesChanged event.
  • Fixed Bug #2568: Directional attribute added to element markup when pasting from IE8.
  • Fixed Bug #2570: Content containers with Viper are not clearing floated elements in all browsers.
  • Fixed Bug #2572: When you remove the P tag from a paragraph, the P, Quote and PRE icons become disbaled.
  • Fixed Bug #2589: Unable to save metadata screen due to 'TypeError: a is undefined' JavaScript error.
  • Fixed Bug #2610: Enhance smarts around table cell attribute handling when pasting.
  • Fixed Bug #2615: Unable to insert new content after table, if table is last element in page.
  • Fixed Bug #2619: Table headers not coming across when pasting from word.
  • Fixed Bug #2624: Table headings not mapped to cell headers when pasting from word or a web page.
  • Fixed Bug #2625: Table editing controls and drag handles appear in FF.
  • Fixed Bug #2633: Insertion and editing from multiple toolbar features in ie8 and ie9 causes screen to jump.
  • Fixed Bug #2634: Cannot tab backwards between table cells in ie8 and ie9.
  • Fixed Bug #2639: Focus shifts to unselected area when reselecting editable area in ie8 or ie9.
  • Fixed Bug #2640: Viper toolbar removed when editing table in ie8 and ie9.
  • Fixed Bug #2643: P tags are wrapped around two P tags when you select two P's, apply a div, change it to a quote and then remove the quote.
  • Fixed Bug #2645: Cannot apply a Div around two Pre sections in Firefox.
  • Fixed Bug #2646: Have to select first div twice when multiple empty divs present.
  • Fixed Bug #2649: When you apply a blockquote around the content in a table, the P tags are not added.
  • Fixed Bug #2651: Formats icon is enabled in a caption for a table.
  • Fixed Bug #2652: Accessibility auditor 'show in source' window disappears from view after reopening.
  • Fixed Bug #2654: Applying a Div around a table does some weird stuff to its appearance.
  • Fixed Bug #2665: Viper not auto populating ALT text field from existing image asset.

Accessibility Auditor (HTML_CodeSniffer)

These changes are only available in Edit+ for Squiz Matrix.

  • Fixed Bug #2601: Form controls with title attributes should not throw missing-ID errors.
  • Fixed Bug #2602: Paging bugs on the Auditor interface when with a single page of results.
  • Fixed Bug #2614: Detect and provide feedback for layout table-related issues.

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