EES Build 1858

Build 1858 requires Squiz Matrix 4.10.4 or 4.12.0 and above. Prior versions of EES/Edit+ will not save content or be able to upload files as Squiz Matrix now expects a token parameter to exist in HTTP POST requests to Simple Edit URLs. Please review the compatibility guide or the Squiz Matrix 4.12.0rc1 patch notes for more information.

New Features, Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • New Feature #877: Context support now available in Edit+ for Squiz Matrix.
  • New Feature #2101: 'Binocular' lineage support for the linking screen.
  • New Feature #2257: Multiple asset creation and file uploading in creation wizard.
  • New Feature #2828: CSV/XML submission log export on details screen for custom forms.

Minor Enhancements

  • Minor Enhancement #1299: Focus added on the first available input, textarea or select field that has a validation warning in the creation wizard.
  • Minor Enhancement #2562: Future status button indicates number of queued jobs.
  • Minor Enhancement #2795: New config file option to enable or disable workflow screen log messages.
  • Minor Enhancement #2826: Rename 'Thumbnail' references on details screen to avoid confusion. Now named 'Related Image'.
  • Minor Enhancement #3058: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix - New config or init options to tell browsers to use in built spell checking features for editable areas.


  • Fixed Bug #2819: When creating images in creation wizard the decorative only slider does not clear alt text input.
  • Fixed Bug #2840: Edit+ for Squiz Matrix - content screen. Some combinations of globals keyword replacments cause the interface to load incorrectly.
  • Fixed Bug #2976: Metadata WYSIWYG field - click in editable area not registering toolbar save button activation.
  • Fixed Bug #3000: Incorrect ordinal number suffixes for date picker on event asset details screen.
  • Fixed Bug #3070: Content screen won't load when div content asset is incremented by more than 1 asset id from it's parent asset.
  • Fixed Bug #3071: Pagination broken in asset finder.
  • Fixed Bug #3093: Metadata page won't save when a multi-select field is left blank with 'use default' unticked.
  • Fixed Bug #3094: Current web path not retained when redirecting.
  • Fixed Bug #3102: Typo in 'show in menu' yes/no slider in creation wizard.
  • Fixed Bug #3108: Linking screen appended with diff screen type content when trashing from preview mode.
  • Fixed Bug #3154: Image varieties displayed as direct children.
  • Fixed Bug #3191: Related image preview details display incorrectly when applying images that were created whilst on same page.

Content Editor (Viper)

These changes are only available in Edit+ for Squiz Matrix.

  • Fixed Bug #2804: HR and format icons are not enabled in IE after you press enter twice from the last list item.
  • Fixed Bug #2815: Caret jumps to left of existing resolution interface input text in IE9.
  • Fixed Bug #2820: Original Source View panel does not close when its opened in new window.
  • Fixed Bug #2827: The inline toolbar does not appear when you click inside a link that has bold formatting applied.
  • Fixed Bug #2844: Deleting two paragraphs causes caret to jump to start of content in FF.
  • Fixed Bug #2965: When you perform a search and replace, close the fields and open it again, the Replace and Replace All buttons are active.
  • Fixed Bug #2994: Embed and iframe elements wrapped in P tags.
  • Fixed Bug #2995: Embed and iframe elements stripped when selecting editable areas.
  • Fixed Bug #3014: When you have applied, edited and deleted a language on a table, clicking undo takes the changes back two steps instead of one.
  • Fixed Bug #3015: When you apply an acronym to a word and delete it, you have to click undo twice before the acronym is applied to the word again.
  • Fixed Bug #3019: Unable to apply bold to more than one block elements.
  • Fixed Bug #3039: Links are removed from the lineage in the inline toolbar when you click different options.
  • Fixed Bug #3040: Link icon is enabled for Row and Tfoot in the footer section of a table.
  • Fixed Bug #3074: Special cases required to avoid HTML entity convertion.
  • Fixed Bug #3088: Table id/header mapping not working in ie8 and ie9.
  • Fixed Bug #3092: Can only create one list item.
  • Fixed Bug #3109: Embedded video elements are positioned above view source window in ie8 and ie9.
  • Fixed Bug #3126: Cannot create second list item when it contains a sub list.
  • Fixed Bug #3127: P tag inserted into lists.
  • Fixed Bug #3157: Multiple keyboard errors thrown in ie8 and ie9.
  • Fixed Bug #3159: Viper requesting fonts from external google domain.
  • Fixed Bug #3167: Videos layered above everything else in ie8 and ie9.
  • Fixed Bug #3192: jQuery bug in IE8 sometimes adds sizset and sizcache attributes to HTML elements.
  • Fixed Bug #3184: Deleting elements throws console error in FF of 'viper is not defined'.

Accessibility Auditor (HTML_CodeSniffer)

These changes are only available in Edit+ for Squiz Matrix.

  • Fixed Bug #2800: List issues in the order that they occur in the page.
  • Fixed Bug #2813: Unable to navigate between paginated issue list view in IE8.
  • Fixed Bug #2830: Revise H71 test to latest edition.
  • Fixed Bug #2818: View Report button incorrectly disabled.


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