Squiz Summit 2018

  • Squiz Matrix Product Roadmap

    31 Dec 2018

    To thrive in a digital and human world, organisations need to become more self-serving and more efficient. Discover how the Squiz Matrix team is helping you get there with recent developments in our CMS. Plus, get an exclusive first look of the future roadmap for Squiz Matrix 6.

  • Squiz Matrix Deep Dive - Tips, Tricks, & New Capabilities

    31 Dec 2018

    Matrix has evolved significantly over the years and it’s now changing at an even faster pace than ever before. With the recent release of 5.5, Bart Banda, Squiz Matrix Global Product Manager, will show you how to take the maximum advantage of the new capabilities while following modern and best practices.

  • Architecting a Content Personalisation and Optimisation Solution

    31 Dec 2018

    Personalisation can sound complicated - but it doesn’t have to be. During this breakout session led by Squiz’s Head of Solution Architecture, Chris, you’ll learn how to choose the right approach to personalisation and see how you can use tools to get started quickly. It’s all about experimenting with the tools, learning from your audience and improving the experience.

The Latest


Date Version
09 Jun 20205.5.6.4
22 Apr 20205.5.6.3
19 Mar 20205.5.6.2
28 Feb 20205.5.6.1
14 Feb 20205.5.6.0
19 Dec 20195.5.5.1
02 Dec 20195.5.5.0
17 Oct 20195.5.4.2

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