EES 1.4.1

Starting from this release, the version numbering system for Easy Edit Suite and Edit+ for Squiz Matrix has changed.

Previous version numbers were based on the revision number in Squiz's Subversion repository for EES at the time of release. Due to a switch to Git for source code control, this is no longer possible. Version 1.4.1 of EES is the first release following Build 1858; the baseline Squiz Matrix versions have not changed for this upgrade.

Version numbers will continue to appear in the interface. Where Edit+ for Squiz Matrix is installed, the version information will now say "EES v1.4.1 with Edit+" instead of adding a plus sign to the build number.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Minor Enhancement #3346: Review font sizing for nested lists within Edit+ viper styles
    Nested lists (unordered, ordered, or definition) within Viper now no longer apply a 90% font size rule at each successive level of depth. (Only applies to Edit+ for Squiz Matrix.)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #2768: Friendly name (title) attribute not populated when creating files and images
    The "asset name" passed through the Asset Creation Wizard was not being used to populate the friendly name attribute of file-type assets. Regression from initial fix in Build 1738.
  • Fixed Bug #3613: Thumbnail clears when workflow applied and saving status changes 
    EES was attempting to process a thumbnail change in cases where the thumbnail (a.k.a. Related Image) option was disabled in EES but not prohibited by Squiz Matrix. EES did this, for instance, when the asset is Live with workflow applied.
  • Fixed Bug #3614: Typo in error message
    Prepared EES for a fix in the error message provided by Matrix when a PDF File asset is uploaded and indexed by the Search Manager, and the PDF File cannot be parsed by the "pdftohtml" external tool. EES uses this to ignore warnings generated by failure to index the PDF file, as it still uploads successfully. The correction is to be made to Squiz Matrix 4.16.0. EES will handle both the original and corrected versions of the message.
  • Fixed Bug #3661: Redirecting in EES sometimes fails to work when an asset with multiple lineages + multiple URLs per lineage is selected on a lineage not matching its "web path" 
    When redirecting to an asset, EES looks for a path to redirect to, validating that the path is a valid lineage to the asset. In the case described in this issue, EES would hang at the "redirecting" message with a JavaScript error, due to having no valid URL to redirect to. It now attempts to match the protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) of the lookup, reducing the number of possible lookups.
  • Fixed Bug #3672: Clicking on lineages on Linking screen does not bring up correct lineage
    If a lineage leads to a Site asset that was not on the top level of the Matrix hierarchy (ie. on the same level as, for instance, the Media Folder), that lineage would be ignored when clicked on, and the result would be the same as if the Asset Picker icon was clicked. Changed what is passed to the Asset Finder to conform to its expectations of providing the lineage from the closest site.
  • Fixed Bug #3689: Can only create one recurring calendar event in creation wizard multiple create queue
    When multiple Recurring Calendar Event assets are built using the Asset Creation Wizard, only the last one to have its Recurrence option set would be created, with the others generating an error on creation. The radio buttons' names meant that all Recurrence radio buttons were grouped together, which meant selecting a recurrence option in one asset would deselect it completely in the other assets.
  • Fixed Bug #3702: Deleting the current lineage on an asset with multiple links does not always redirect
    If a link is added to from the Linking screen, then a link is deleted that corresponds to the current URL, it would not redirect away from that URL. Due to methods of asset caching, the current URL lineage information was not available when the Linking screen refreshes.

WYSIWYG Content Editor (Viper)

These changes are only available in Edit+ for Squiz Matrix.

  • Fixed Bug #3492: Insert image icon not enabled when selecting empty editable areas within content containers (divs)
    Editors previously had to click inside the WYSIWYG content area a second time to enable the Insert Image icon.

Nested Content Editor

These changes are only available in Edit+ for Squiz Matrix

  • Fixed Bug #3307: Content screen save removes applied paint layout on nested content
    If a Nested Content area contains an arbitrary paint layout not listed in the Easy Edit Config file, it would not appear on screen and would be removed when the Content screen is saved. The applied layout will now be made available as a "do not change" option if this is the case.

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