Squiz Summit 2016

A collection of videos from the Squiz Matrix stream presentations and talks at the 2016 Squiz Summit.

  • What’s New In Matrix 5.4

    20 Apr 2017

    Product Manager Bart Banda showcases the new and exciting features released in Squiz Matrix version 5.4 including:

    • New personalisation, A/B testing and conditional content capabilities using Content Variations and the new Persona asset.
    • New in-browser image editing tools for cropping, resizing and rotating including image variety editing in Edit+.
    • Context feature overhaul and usability improvements, a must if your site is using Contexts.

  • Unlock the Power of Content Templates & Edit+

    20 Apr 2017

    Squiz Web Solutions Architect James Sinclair talks about why Content Templates are awesome and is joined by Tom Stringer from University of Melbourne who explains how they have helped their 400 editors manage their 600 websites in Matrix, as well as:

    • How Content Templates can take your publishing to the next level.
    • Showcase of a range of different useful template examples.
    • Client example showcase of how they use templates and what benefits they’ve got from it.

  • Squiz Matrix Implementation Tips & Tricks

    20 Apr 2017

    Product Manager Bart Banda shows advanced implementation techniques for optimal site performance and maintainability using the latest best practices, features and keywords released in recent Matrix versions including:

    • How to structure your parse file, design tags and the best use of customisations.
    • The optimal and recommended folder structure to separate your content from design.
    • Tips for creating Content Templates and how to add customisations & plugins for Edit+.

  • Matrix and Squiz Product Suite Integration

    20 Apr 2017

    Squiz Web Solutions Engineer Chris Grist goes into depth on what a Squiz Suite integration actually looks like using Matrix at the core of the Squiz CXP. Learn how to get the most of Matrix when integrating it with Funnelback, SugarCRM, Marketo and other Squiz and third party technologies, as well as:

    • Get an understanding of the integration features and capabilities in Matrix in order to connect to your various Squiz products.
    • How to use the Squiz Edge network to optimise the performance of your site.
    • Live implementation example of a basic Matrix integration to the product suite.

The Latest


Date Version
06 Aug 20195.5.3.2
09 Jul 20195.5.3.1
17 Jun 20195.5.3.0
14 May 20195.5.2.3
17 Apr 20195.5.2.2
22 Mar 20195.5.2.1
12 Mar 20195.5.2.0
12 Mar 20195.5.1.7

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